KEVIN RIEPL’S music has enhanced the visual mediums of television, films and, most notably, video games. 
Riepl’s themes range from energetic and rhythmic to emotive to simply macabre and other worldly. Fans of the highly praised Unreal series by Epic Games have been familiar with his work since 2002. It wasn’t until 
the hit game Gears of War that brought Riepl to the forefront of the video game music world. 

After many years of private instruction and further studies at The Mannes College of Music in New York, Rieplmoved from his home town in New Jersey, to pursue his dream of composing music for film, television & video games,in Los Angeles, California. Working with a few composers in the Los Angeles area, Kevin learned the ins and outs of the business. He was a long time assistant/writing partner with video game and television composer Kevin Manthei, and then moved on to learn a few tricks of the trade through renowned composer Michael Giacchino. 

When he was growing up as a young boy, Riepl’s fascination with movies and television, led to his understanding of how important a role music played in this medium….how it was able to help tell a story and enable the audience to identify with that story and the images on screen. It was the one element he connected with most. 

As with many composers the one melody that set Riepl on his journey was the theme and music from
John Williams’ score for Star Wars. He was amazed of the impact that this music along with the visuals had on him. He wasn’t sure at that time what it was but he knew he loved it. It wasn’t until he was in 4th grade during an instrument demonstration class where he heard again the Star Wars Theme being played by a trumpeter. It was at that precise moment he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. 

When Riepl’s appreciation for video games grew, he thought what better than to marry the two elements in his life that appealed to him the most. This in turn led Kevin on a path and career of scoring for video games, television and film. 

Currently Riepl has completed the orchestral score to Webzen’s upcoming anticipated game, HUXLEY, which 
was recorded in Los Angeles with the Hollywood Studio Symphony at Warner Bros. Studios. Riepl’s most 
recent released video game endeavor, recorded in Seattle with the Northwest Sinfonia, can be heard in 
GEARS OF WAR, the top selling video game for Microsoft’s XBOX 360. 


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