the departure

As a nice change of pace from the usual style of writing I do, I just got done finishing up a score for a 5min short romantic/comedy film called Unnoticed by up & coming director/writer Danny LeGare who’s based here in Los Angeles. I met Danny back at the Cinema City International Film Festival here in Universal City, during which the film Rogue 379 I scored was being shown. Danny and I had great conversation that night and decided there’d be potential to work together in the future. Sure enough, last week he calls up in need of some music for his short he just got done filming. Being that I really liked his attitude towards the art of film making, I with out a doubt said yes, even prior to seeing a print of the film or knowing what the heck it was about. Being that the film was ONLY 5 min long, even if it was terrible, it wouldn’t be that difficult to get through. But alas, the short was really good and shot beautifully, and I thoroughly enjoyed working on the music for it. The score has some usual flavors of a romantic comedy, mainly your ‘always go to, romantic comedy sound’, pizzicato strings. The pizz were the underlying element of the score, naturally, but on top of that I included elements of accordian, bass guitar, various lite perc, and processed guitars. All which blended rather well to convey a soft underlying bed to help support the pace and emotional content of the short.
I look forward to working with Danny again if the opportunity arises.

On another note, I am assembling a new cd demo package in hopes on getting it to some people at Twisted Pictures.
Currently sifting through the archives of all the thriller/horror/scary-ass tracks I have. seems i have a lot of that stuff.
I posted here the list of streaming tracks for you guys to check out. In the mean time here is the newly designed CD cover I put together for said demo:


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