There’s no "I" in GOW2

I just wanted to write a quick note.
I am extremely appreciative and thankful for all the emails to me from the fans of GOW, these last few days, addressing my contribution to the first Gears of War and not for the sequel. Many of you asked why I was not part of the sequel. It is basically as simple as creative differences. The music I was creating for the sequel was not the direction Epic was looking to go in. There is nothing wrong with that and without going too deep into it, as bummed as I was about it, I respected their decision. I am sure you’ve heard this happen many times in both the video game and film industry. People just move in different creative directions.

In recent interviews it’s been stated, that a bunch of guys at EPIC were pretty big fans of Steve Jablonsky and whose style is quite different from mine. So they made an effort to obtain his services. I am not at liberty to give details as to how things happened, but all I am going to say is that I am honored to be a part of such a franchise especially at it’s birth.

As far as I know, Epic and I are still on good terms and I certainly hope to work with them in the future.

If this is not enough to help settle anything that was in question…I can only point you to Epic’s Forums as a place to voice your concerns.

*some of the ambient music I did write, for GoW2 did end up in the game, however, I am not sure which ones and where.

Again…thank you all for the emails and kind words…I do read everything and I appreciate it.
Stay well,


~ by Admin on November 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “There’s no "I" in GOW2”

  1. I watched the cut scene with Dom pounding the car . . . that’s when I first though to my self that the score was . . . a bit out of sync with the scene. This held true for several of the other moments in the game as well Maybe the cut scenes were just a bit under-dramatic for the music.

    Then I watched the bonus disc and went strait to the music selection . . . only to find that you hadn’t composed it.

    Not to say that Steve did a bad job, several of the moments were incredible . . . but some of the new direction they were taking with the story line just felt a bit corny or over the top to me . . . and the music seamed to follow suit a few times. But at least they were trying to do more with the story I suppose.

    And while Gears 2 had some cool moments sonically, I still like Gears 1 better as a whole.

    Keep up the good work !

  2. Kevin,

    Hey, how’s it going?

    I was saddened to hear that you wouldn’t be doing the score for the game. I was even more shocked to hear that Jablonski would be doing the score.

    I guess the biggest complaint about it all is that it’s generic. You’ve heard it a million times already in films. I mean, choirs? Really? Possibly one of the most over used things in music, and it’s always done badly except by a few developers (Blizzard).

    The rhythms, the marcatto violins repeating the same notes over and over. It’s generic. (Hope Runs Deep)

    It seems Epic didn’t want strong themes, and instead just wanted music that would “sound cool”. Then again I guess it fits the Gears style, the Michael Bay of games right now. Shallow mindless fun.

    No doubt this won’t stop you from continuing to do music for other games and films. Be interesting to see.

    Good luck,

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