UT3 in-game tracks

Below are the 3 tracks I wrote for the ‘in-game’ music for UT3, that were not included with the release. As a result of many emails asking when I will post them, I figured I would finally throw them up for your listening pleasure…I apologize it has taken so long to share these clips. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!

*07-10-08 I also just added a few more demo tracks created for UT3 for E3 demonstrations and the original PS3 cinematic demo of the UE3 engine.

*the little arrow to the right of each track enables you to download them, but for some reason it only opens them up in a new window. I couldn’t get it to bring up a ‘Save As..”


~ by Admin on June 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “UT3 in-game tracks”

  1. Awesome! Thanx!

  2. Good deal !

    There have been so many great looking and sounding games based on the Unreal 3 engine that I cant wait to see and hear an actual UNREAL game in the newest engine !

  3. Kevin awensome tracks as always but… what about this cinematic track :


    it is yours ? if yes please share it it is my favourite 😀

  4. nomad:
    that track is now available here in the place list.
    Thanks for the kind comments, everyone…ENJOY!

  5. THANKS A LOT Kevin 😀 all new added tracks also awensome ^^

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