Gears of War 2

as you may have seen/heard. I will not be working on this game.


~ by Admin on February 25, 2008.

9 Responses to “Gears of War 2”

  1. since i haven’t replied much to any comments in a LONG TIME! I just wanted to post a quick comment on all that have taken the time to comment on this blog. Thanks for all the great and kind words! Even though I may not have time to reply to all of your comments or any for that matter, I do read them all and appreciate your comments! Thank you! Stay Well….and I will be in touch soon 🙂

  2. Have you started work on the themes for the game? (Dunno if you can answer that). Also, will there be any thematic elements carried over from the first?

  3. Kevin, when you post unreleased tracks from UT3? =)

  4. Isn’t Steve Jablonsky working on it? I have listened to the I’m Not Ready to Die score from The Island and can see similar themes between that and Gears of War.

    I think either one of you would be best suited for this genre in video games.

  5. I absolutely LOVE your music to Gears of War. It is one of the most badass action score I’ve heard in 2007. I’m just amazed by your use of the brass and percussions.

    It’s extremely disapointing that Steve “Mindless-Zimmer-Clone” Jablonsky is replacing you, who I consider has ten times more talent than that one-trick-for-all Jablonsky dude.

    You will be getting other great assignments in the future and will eventually stand side by side with real great composers such as Goldsmith and Williams. You have my best blessings.

  6. hey deng,
    thank you very much for the kind words and sentiments. I am not going to say I disagree with any of your points.

    It came as quite a surprising shock when I heard the news that I was to be replaced by Steve. But so the industry goes and companies have to make business decisions.

    Aside from that, i do in fact have a few projects on the table that I can’t announce yet…but hopefully will be able to soon.

    And thanks to everyone who had nice things to say about the first ‘original’ Gears of War score.

    Stay well.

  7. AWFULLLLLLLLLLL! Sorry, but WHY THE F*CK DID THEY CHANGE YOU!? I’ve just heared about this and I think is a stupid decision.

    You make Gears sound like the war machine it is, with an original, powerfull and nothing-to-wish-for sountrack.

    Man, you and Giachinno are THE composer for games; PERIOD. Your gears work is only comparable to the ost of Predator and Aliens (I mean that)

    I don’t care for gears 2 ost if you are not in it. Keep positive, forget about the dumbs around there and you’ll get your revenge.

    Amaizing job man, congrats. Keep it up and remenber, they lose with all this.

    Sigue asi! LLegaras lejos!

  8. Well, that's a pity, becauce your style fits a lot in GoW- I'm not a fan of your UT2kx work but stuff on UC2, UT3 and GoW is great.
    Jablonsky is not an artist, he's an artisan. I say that really often. Many video game and movie composers lack any trace of originality.
    Replacing artists like you with those failing artisans makes all the newest productions sound the same, and usually it strips the atmosphere off a franchise. An easy example is mr. Jablonski replacing Frank Klepacki in making music for Tiberian C&C games.

  9. Remote Control’s got NOTHING on you, brother.

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