Rogue 379

Well, I FINALLY got around to posting the music for the short film i scored, “ROGUE 379”. I completed the project about a year and a half ago…I think…. and I totally forgot to post the tracks. It was a very relaxing project to work on. Working with Doug was great. He’s a very laid back guy with a good vision, which created a comfortable dynamic while scoring the film. I hope to work with Doug again some time soon.

Rogue 379 is showing at the, 2001: A Film Oddyssey in the Norris Theater at USC. Along with 3 other films, on February 10, 7pm.

written & directed by DOUGLAS CHOI
When a CIA assassin is sold-out by his commander and then manipulated into committing a wrongful murder, he must overcome the psychological paranoia and moral challenges of this life-or-death ordeal.


~ by Admin on January 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Rogue 379”

  1. I remember watching this from your website a few months ago (it must have been when we first FB’d). I’m feeling a cross between being impressed by your score (it fits so well) and jealously that you got to score this flick. The cinematography is great, and the opening scene is intense.

    Nice job, sir.

  2. thank you!….sir
    yeah the film turned out great, and it’s a nice diversion from doing the action/horror stuff for games.

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