UT3 Cinematic Music

For those interested in checking out my scores for the cut scenes in Unreal Tournament…feel free to stop by the site and check out a few mp3s I just recently posted. A great chance to check out the tracks isolated from the accompanying dialogue and kick ass sound fx.
I will also be posting soon, for your listening pleasure, the in-game tracks that I contributed to the soundtrack. Two of which did not make it into the final build of the game.


~ by Admin on December 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “UT3 Cinematic Music”

  1. Thank you Kevin for sharing music that has been imprinted in my mind till I die. I still am brainwashed by your UT2003 music that I listened to non stop for hours into the night.

    Keep well and keep on amazing us with your music! Be blessed.

  2. Good deal. I always like listening to your tracks!

  3. Loving the UT3 soundtrack. Can’t wait to hear Huxley’s either. From the small clips I’ve heard it sounds awesome.

    Unrelated quick question – what is the sample library you used on the Gears of War soundtrack for the ambient sounding stuff. The echoey sounding synth on Locusts, wretches & Kyrll (6 seconds in). I keep hearing it on a commercial on TV 😀

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