Well, we are taking advantage of bloggers’ features. I posted a poll in the right column about the color scheme for my main site. I’ve been hearing a lot, since it has been redone, that the colors are too dark and text is too small, but also that it’s fine. I would like my site to be readable and able to be navigated with out any issues for the readers. So therefore, I am asking for opinions….crazy huh!? Is this a path I truly want to venture down?? đŸ™‚ Thanks to all ahead of time for taking part in the poll.

..until next post!


~ by Admin on July 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “Poll!!”

  1. I love the site and colors.. Don’t change them.. It’s BADASS!

  2. A Poll ! A Poll !

    I like the color scheme . . . it is a bit dark but that makes it easier to read.

    However I have a black background on my site too . . . so I could be bias in that respect.

    It’s not a ‘happy happy’ color sceme, but I think it’s easy to read and elegant in its simplisity.

    The dark color sceme pulls focus to the text and pictures I think.

  3. I like the dark color scheme, I just think the navigations links way up there in the corner are a bit small. They could be made bigger and perhaps placed in a more prominent position.

  4. Great idea, switching to a blog than excessively compiling all your stuff onto the site.

    The colour scheme is great. I like how the blog seems to fit and match your website almost identically with the banner at the top.

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