Over at IGN, they have a small write-up about the release of the Gears of War Soundtrack CD.


~ by Admin on July 6, 2007.

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  1. Good Deal !

    July 31st is still a while away . . . sigh. But at least it’s set now !

    Does the CD contain pretty much all the musical cues that are in the game ?
    I know on some past game soundtrack releases some cues are (for whatever reason) left off of the CD or cut shorter then they were in the game.

  2. We fit as much as we could on the cd. So yes, the cd does contain the vast majority of the soundtrack that is in the game.

  3. What is the total runtime on the CD?

  4. I believe 70min

  5. I can’t wait to purchase it.

    You have composed one of my favourite videogame soundtracks 🙂

  6. Hi Kevin,

    This soundtrack is one of the better scores available for gaming, especially for an action game. You did a tremendous job!

    However, why aren’t we getting the Cole Train Remix credits song? That’s like the icing on the cake!

  7. I think its because it probably won’t fit on the CD. Same with the megadeth track.

  8. anonymous said…

    CD’s nowadays are 80min *shrug*

    The Megadeth track sucks anyway.

  9. I seriously can’t wait for the CD’s release. The music from the game is a musical masterpiece in my opinion. Everything about the game was top notch and the music was one of the best things about it.

  10. This CD is great news and well deserved! Great soundtrack for a great game. Looking forward to seeing what Kevin does in the future after this masterpiece.

  11. This is a bit off-topic, but do you have any news re: an iTunes release? iTunes Plus would be ideal. 😀

  12. Not a 100% sure…but I think it is going to be released via iTunes as well.

  13. Good to know. Thanks Kevin! Man, this should have been the Gears album that got released at launch.

  14. Great job Kevin on the soundtrack just got it today and the quality in this soundtrack should be the bar in the game industry thanks for putting this together and congratulations!

  15. Kevin,

    Just got the CD and listened to its entirety. Amazing job!! I play trombone and everytime I hear the reprise theme I want to switch my current major at school to music performance/education. WELL DONE KEVIN!!!!!!

  16. Finally, my Gears of War CD came from amazon.com. Very happy !

    I was going to download it from sumthingdigital if they put it up there . . . but they only offer 196 kbps and I like everything of mine in 360 (or 3whatever the highest kbps is). You can hear the difference in the high end.

    So I got the CD and, to join with everyone else, very good job ! I love it !

  17. Just Got The Soundtrack And I Love It.
    One Of The Best Game Soundtrack Ever.
    Nice Job.Hope I Will See You In Gears Of War II.

  18. So . . .

    When is the Huxley soundtrack going to be out ? 😎

  19. THANKS Kevin !!! Your soundtrack ROCKS !!!!

  20. Dude, your work on Gears of War was UNBELIEVABLE. The soundtrack contained perfect ambient music and then explosive, heart thumping, ground shaking music. Your music is really what made GoW so darn great. I listened to the soundtrack today (without playing the game) and it gives me goosebumps and makes my heart race. You have unmeasurable talent surpassing anyone in the music industry and I hope some high up hollywood execs. appreciate your skill and put you to work on a huge hollywood action blockbuster. I cannot emphasize how my blood runs like ice water hearing your work as your soundtrack similarly reminded me of “Aliens” soundtrack, but better!
    I really hope you get a huge break in the movie/music industry as you totally deserve it.

  21. I bought the soundtrack a while back, and blast it in my car with the windows down every chance I get. People are always giving me odd looks but I just crank it up louder. This soundtrack rocks more socks than a laundry basket, man.

  22. Awesome soundtrack! Much better than Steve Jablonsky’s installment for the second game. Did they go for a Hollywood composer “just ’cause” or what? I think EPIC made a terrible mistake. Anyway, I can’t wait to get my hands on Huxley. Keep it up, Kevin!

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