It’s a Small Mad World

It is by sheer coincidence that the film Lost Crossing that I just completed scoring, uses Gary Jules’ version of Mad World in the film. I say coincidence because the same song was used ever so cleverly for the famous Gears of War promotional television ad, that was run prior to the game being shipped.
I mention this because the director, Eric Blue, requested that I do an instrumental version of Mad World for the festival circuit it is being shown in, but with the instrumentation used in Lost Crossing’s score and with hints of the movie’s theme scattered through out.

For those interested in listening:
Mad World Instrumental Reprise


~ by Admin on June 28, 2007.

5 Responses to “It’s a Small Mad World”

  1. I keep hearing that song on TV in different places. I don’t remember all the places but I do remember an episode of CSI featuring it.

    I wonder if the CSI episode was filmed before or after the Gears of War trailer. I wonder if one was musical inspiration for the other !

    I suppose that Mad World is in keeping with the games theme of such beauty, such noble history having been lost and destroyed . . . but it’s not in the same musical style as your score (which, by the way, fit and set the feel of the game perfectly).

    Is it a little frustrating to have a piece of music that’s not part of your score be so tightly associated with the Game ?

  2. Not frustrating at all. It happens all the time, with TV, Film and now with Video Games. I think it was an awesome choice by Microsoft to choose that song.

  3. Mad World was also used in movie Donie Darko 😉

  4. Excellent one. It reminds me of Valadilene theme from Benoit Sokal’s Siberia.

  5. I really like your interpretation.

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