Gears of War CD

I have been receiving MANY emails about people who are concerned about the cd release of the Gears of War Score…
Well, the cd has finally been pressed and mass produced. Epic Games has received their shipment and I should be receiving mine very soon. So now it’s just a matter of time before Sumthing Else Distribution puts them on sale for the public. I really wish I can give everyone an exact date.

I am hoping that it will also go on sale in iTunes’ Music Store for purchase/download.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to Mike Larson, the Audio Director at Epic games, for taking on most if not all of the burden and responsibility in getting this soundtrack cd released for Epic


~ by Admin on June 26, 2007.

11 Responses to “Gears of War CD”

  1. Woohooo! I’ve been waiting for this soundtrack a long time. Great to hear that the wait is *almost* over. =)

  2. jeez finally…jk lol ive been waiting for the soundtrack of this game for a while. you guys did a good job with it gotta give u props

  3. Oh goodness I can’t wait till this CD comes out. Hopefully it’s SOON. The wait is hopefully almost over!! YES!!!!!

  4. Blargh, they better hurry up with it’s release, I’ve been itching for this CD for a REALLY long time!

  5. Yes, I hope they decide to release it soon.

    I’ve had POTC: At Worlds End in my truck for a few weeks now . . . I need something new !

  6. amazon and cduniverse both say July 31st

  7. July 31st ! Cripes !

    I supose a lot of things have to happen behind the scenes to make this happen . . . though I wish they would happen FASTER !

    I supose I’ll have to get The Fountain to tide me over untill Gears comes out.

  8. Can’t wait! I’ve got min preordered at!

  9. I am actually going to wait and buy it in the stores. I want in ON JULY 31 and DO NOT want to wait for shipping. I’m heading to my local Wal Mart or Sam Goody and getting one right away!!

  10. Good for people to know.

  11. Congrats, man (albeit late). I’m heading over to iTunes to search for it!

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