Kevin Riepl Music Blog Launches

Hey everyone….
this here will hopefully be a blog where I can keep everyone updated on a more frequent basis on what is going on with Kevin Riepl Music, Inc.
This site will most likely contain little tidbits of news about the projects I have worked on and am currently working on.
Most of the times it will be senseless, mundane information about work. But will hopefully contain a tad more info than my website, which i do not want to over-bloat with day to day info or non music related information. So this will be the place where my personal thoughts as a composer in the industry will be posted for those interested. The views posted here are of mine only and are not the views of the companies and persons I do work for.


~ by Admin on June 25, 2007.

4 Responses to “Kevin Riepl Music Blog Launches”

  1. WOOT ! ! ! A Blog ! Happy DAys

  2. Congratulations on your new blog!

    Your latest UT3 music is sounding good!

  3. I was wondering if any of your scores are available for concert/symphonic bands? We are always looking for exciting challenging music and many of the pieces from Gears of War are perfect!

  4. I love your disclaimer, it’s like watching Fox;)

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